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Versatility With Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet

Since the time mobile internet has entered the world of internet, the scenario changed limiting the desktop version. Initially, the idea of the internet came into existence with the WAP enable Nokia 7110 that could load web pages but with certain limitations. In the year 2007, Apple came out with iPhone that had the internet but was specially designed for the big screen, so the user experience was dampened. In this case, the user had to scroll, zoom or use special versions to load the site. Later, the need was felt to use the internet on the go, especially to access information when there is no access to PC.

Though mobile internet was devised for the convenience of those who want to access information on the move when PC is not around, the perspective has changed completely. Mobile internet has become the lifeline for many. No more the mobile is limited but in fact the PC is, as you can access the web only sitting on the contrary mobile has a more versatile reach. So in simple terms mobile is not being omnipresent but being accessible all the time. People who have internet access to their mobiles often use mobile despite a PC or laptop in the same room as a matter of convenience.

Mobile Internet1Certain statistics has made it clear that people prefer mobile devices to PCs. The study conducted in the UK shows that irrespective of age and income people prefer mobile to PC to access the internet. Moreover, another interesting statistics has it that over 5 billion adults around 4 billion own mobile phones and it is growing by the year. Among these most will convert to smartphones shortly. With the price of Android phones falling by the year, the access to smartphones has become easier. The greatest advantage is that mobile has turned out to be a universal product that PC will never capture.

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