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The Surging Growth Of Mobile Internet Users

Growth Of Mobile Internet Users

The world has shrunk in size with the advent of the internet. Statistics has it that 42% of the population has access to the internet, and this is more than the previous year where it stood at 35%. Though, the doubt here remains whether new users have accessed the internet in the last one year. The surge is reported to be due to precise reporting rather than increase in new users. The reports in November state that above 3 billion people have access to the internet, especially via various devices.

The usage is unevenly distributed as in some countries like Iceland, Bahrain and Bermuda the internet users equals the population of that country. On the contrary, in places like South Sudan and North Korea, just 0.1% people use the internet. Another factor that controls internet access is the speed. In countries like South Korea, the speed is 25Mbps, whereas in India, it is just 2 Mbps. In Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the USA, the speed is more than 10 Mbps. This puts the global average at 4.5 Mbps. It is also reported that Southeast Asians are the highest internet spenders with 4 hours and 25 minutes every day.

Mobile InternetAccording to GlobalWebIndex research, the Filipino users spend over 6 hours in a day on the internet. Next are Thais, Indonesians, Vietnamese and Malaysians as they spend an average of 5 hours per day. The advent of the mobile internet has increased the traffic to 39% with mobile responsive web pages changing the scenario. Even the mobile internet share varies across the globe. In this context, India has an impressive figure with 72% of web pages served on mobile devices that make it the second in the world.

The internet speed has grown multifold with 39% of the mobile service providers now offering 3G and 4G services. The rise in mobile internet users has raised due to social media users. A lot of sites are primarily built with the mobile user in mind, mobile responsive sites like this one about vacuum sealer reviews are not uncommon anymore. The accounts are estimated to be 29% of the total world population. Research by GlobalWebIndex has it that social media users on an average spend 2 hours and 25 minutes on social networking sites and microblogs. Among these Facebook dominating with 1.366 billion users as per statistics in January 2015.

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