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Making iPhone App Rank Top on The Internet

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If you published your app in the iPhone app store, then you would love to see your app getting downloaded by as many people as possible. This is something true with all app owners and nothing strange. With more than thousands of app on the iPhone app store, it would be really difficult for any new publisher to make his or her app visible to masses quickly. There are many ways to improve the visibility your app in the iPhone store and we will be discussing them briefly in the following.

Doing SEO is one of the best recommended strategies to improve the visibility of your iPhone app. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is all about optimizing the app or app page to the search engines. This make your app page more visible to the people, who are using the Internet search engines. Today, almost all the people find the new apps by using the search engines. If the search engines do not display your app details on the front page, then people will have less opportunity to know and download your app.

Keyword research is one of the important activities for achieving good results through App store search engine. You already know that people use some keywords to find any new apps of their interest. Therefore, you should choose a keyword that is relevant to your app. You should imagine and guess the keyword that your potential customers may type to find your app. Thinking like an end customer could help you find suitable keywords for your iPhone app. It is always better to avoid generic keywords and keywords with a huge competition.

After you have gathered a list of relevant apps, then you should further optimize keyword for better results. From July, the app developers were asked a list of keywords, which will be published on the meta data of the app store. Remember that the maximum length of the keywords is 255 characters and they can be altered when you want to submit a new version of the app. If you have an existing app, then you can add the keywords to the description. Remember that this method works for existing apps and not for new launches.

You can also add the keyword in other fields such as title and developer name. This helps your app to rank well in the store and search engines. But, if you have a plan of releasing different versions of the app in future, then you may need to edit the keyword and name, which is not good for SEO. So, it is good to employ this idea only when you do not need to change the keyword/name in the near future.

The iPhone store has not revealed how their search engine works. However, many experts have found the behavior of the app search engine through various trial and error methods. Experts have found that iPhone app store gives preferences to the app that values the user reviews. You can write your own reviews or ask your friends and well-wishers to write reviews about your app. If you have not followed the above steps, then you should try them immediately.

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